Tesco Industries, LLC

Library Furniture & Casework

Tesco has a long history of manufacturing quality library furniture and casework built to outlive the space they were designed to reside in.

Library Series

Tesco’s Collection of Library Series demonstrate the many available designs available.

Each series makes available the many different components that make up the Media Center space including but not limited to:  Circulation Desk, Fixed Shelving, Mobile Shelving, Tables, Computer Workstations, and Display Units.

Please also see our Source Books that show Library Products in further detail including product numbers and line drawings.

Versa Series

is a storage line designed to allow educators to create and recreate the learning environment based on today's needs without worrying about suitability for tomorrow's trends.

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St. Louis Series

The St. Louis Series impresses the perfect balance between stately elegance and endless durability.

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Mission Series

When people think of the "Mission" style of architecture or design, they think of old-world values an modern aesthetics. Tesco's Mission Series takes the best of both worlds to create this stunning ensemble.

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Platinum Series

Platinum series features curved elements with inlaid metal accents resulting in a style that is both new and enduring.

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Patriot Series

Featuring bull nose edge trims, decorative inlays, and solid hardwood – this collection embodies dependable strength.

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Frontier Series

Tesco's Frontier Series offers flexibility and a wide variety of options in our most cost-effective series.

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