About Us

A Long-Standing Tradition

In 1954, Abner E. Jackson formed our company to provide the market products built utilizing the highest quality materials and craftsmanship available. From our selection of the finest raw materials to the individual design and handcrafting of each product, Tesco Learning Environments is committed to making our furniture last a lifetime. While many companies have switched to lower-priced, lower-quality materials, Tesco has not wavered from our commitment to quality. We use more solid hardwoods than any other educational manufacturer. Despite the trend toward international outsourcing, Tesco continues our commitment to employing hand-selected hardwood from the northern regions of the United States and from supplies that assure responsible forestry management policies.

Advanced Technology

Technology continues to rapidly advance in the wood working industry. Tesco continues our commitment to remain on the cutting edge. Tesco utilizes computer controlled machine centers that allow us to increase production and maintain consistency. Tesco is proud to be among the first manufacturers in our market to employ a state-of-the-art UV cured finishing system. This process allows us to consistently produce a superior finish in a cost-effective manner. Our finish is considered the most environmentally friendly technique available.

Commitment to Service

Tesco realizes we must exceed our customer's service expectations with regards to: on-time deliveries, design assistance, and production drawings. Tesco monitors each area of customer service and our associates are measured on our abilities to meet our service goals. Tesco's dedicated team of design professionals are trained and equipped with the latest software to produce accurate and realistic renderings, layouts and custom products. Our production areas are equipped with tracking software to we're able to pinpoint each part of an entire job at any time throughout the manufacturing process. This technology, paired with our expanded shipping warehouse, allows us to meet our customer's delivery requirements even during the extremely busy months.

Creative Solutions

Tesco encourages creativity and customization in every manufactured product. We don't believe any learning environment should be limited to standard dimensions or basic designs. Our perimeter shelving is easily modified to assure that book volume capacity is maximized and the use of filler panels is minimized. We continue to provide shelving on radius walls. Our circulation desks are readily customized to meet particular space requirements or specific functionality. At Tesco, we work daily with designers and architects to make certain our products meet the design intent of the overall building project. We often say, "If you can draw it, we can build it!" From traditional to contemporary, Tesco has developed numerous series of products to bring our customers a broad array of style choices. Our flagship Patriot series continues to lead the K12 market. The Frontier series allows for some modifications to help reduce cost and provides the option of colorful metal shelves. The Mission and St. Louis series add solid hardwood custom millwork trim. The Platinum series incorporates metal accents in a contemporary style.

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